See you tonight everyone!

Almost done!


Here’s a picture from 2:30 a.m. of members of our team trying to finish editing our class documentary on the last night before the premiere. At that time, there were just 15 hours to go until the premiere!

rr rrr

Here are more pics from the rest of the night, including the core team of Anton, Alexander and Sergey who pulled a final “all nighter” in the Main Building.

Tick tock.

Lost subtitles, crashed computers, midnight play rehearsals, exams, papers, no sleep for 5 days, etc..will we make it?

All those pictures were taken by our AWESOME professor (and documentary filmmaker) Melody Gilbertwho stayed with the team all night to make sure to offer moral support, help with putting the final story together, etc.

Come to the screening of “Buzludzha: Memories in the Dust” tonight to find out.

Check out our cool poster and event info here:

See you all tonight!


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